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Meet Michael Mowen of KOBK

My name is Michael Mowen. I studied film at Full Sail University. When I graduated in 2011 I immediately started working as a freelance sound mixer. Acting took a back seat for a couple years until I got a role in my first feature film called “Ghosting” in 2013. I was introduced to Wesley Mellott and Andrew Glessner shortly after and I got cast in my first Thinking Art Entertainment film, Dilemma. That started a wonderful creative relationship that has produced some incredible films and projects.

Acting History leading up to KOBK (any accolades, big projects, etc…) :

I’ve worked with Thinking Art Entertainment several times, including a popular project out now called “Marbletown”. With over 600,000 views and hundreds of positive comments on Youtube, I’d say it was my biggest success as an actor.

What attracted you to the project?

I forget how the idea came to me, but Wes and I were looking for our next project after Marbletown and I randomly came up with the idea of having me tied to a tree in the middle of the mountains and filming me trying to escape. That got the ball rolling.

I think it was the challenge that most intrigued me. I must admit that I was insanely naive with just how challenging some of the scenes would be. Watching the film now, I am extremely proud of the entire cast and crew for overcoming the challenges of the shoot.

What was your favorite moment on set?

“And that’s lunch”.

I’m kidding. But while I’m on food...After we were done filming the creek scene a tiny miracle occurred. I was cold, wet, and physically and emotionally drained. I am walking back to the staging area with doubts in my head about my acting. I opened the door to discover a wonderful sight. The BIGGEST tray of chicken nuggets I have ever seen. I could have cried.

In all seriousness, my favorite moment on any set is working alongside passionate and talented filmmakers. As Peter Jackson said at the start of filming for The Hobbit, “films are stressful and they’re hard to make. But ultimately what makes them fun is the people that you work with.” That couldn’t have been more true than on the set of KOBK.

KOBK was our most challenging shoot to date. What scene was the most challenging for you to shoot?

The creek scene was the most challenging scene I have EVER done. Physically and emotionally. We were tired, cold from the rain, and the water made it difficult to move around. While we were filming, I was pissed off that I even came up with the idea; I told Wes during the writing process “lets have a fight in a creek. How hard can it be?” Well... it turns out it's pretty hard. I am extremely proud of what we shot during that scene. Andrew Glessner was incredible to work with and I honored to have shared this scene with him.

Was anything easy? :P

Not really, but is anything ever easy in filmmaking? Crafty maybe.

These roles are very physical with everyone performing their own stunts. Did you do anything specific or differently to prepare for your role?

I have always been lazy when it comes to physical exercise but I did do a lot of walking and thinking during my preparation. One thing I always did before we started filming was to take time to stretch and drink plenty of water.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on? What’s next for you?

Well before COVID-19, I was doing very well for myself doing production sound and voice over work. Now that I am forced inside, I’ve been spending time with my family; we welcomed our baby girl into the world last month.

I’m preparing for when this all is over and production sound work starts picking back up. Hoping to finally get an agent for voice over and acting this year as well.

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