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Meet Andrew Glessner of KOBK

I'm Andrew Glessner, Co-founder of Thinking Art Entertainment.

Acting History leading up to KOBK (any accolades, big projects, etc…) :

Starring roles in the Thinking Art feature films Blind Circumstance and Binge. I won the WMIFF 2015 best actor for a feature in the DMV area for Binge. You might also remember me as the world famous LEMONYADAY character from Hot Pursuit or Uncle George the Pool Shark from Out of My League.

What attracted you to KILL or BE KILLED?

KOBK doesn't have very much dialogue, it's mostly a visual film. For someone who emotes mostly everything by talking, I'm kind of drawn to the roles where I don't say much, if anything. It just so happens these roles tend to be the maniacal ones, so really I was typecast.

What was your favorite moment on set?

Getting dry and warm after the water fight scene was Heaven.

KOBK was our most challenging shoot to date. What scene was the most challenging for you to shoot?

Without question the creek fight scene. The waters were frigid, without surveying every inch of the water, falling into a rock on the creekbed was always a present danger, and even a well rehearsed fight scene is exhausting. Having said that, it turned out amazing and can't wait for you all to see what we did with it!

Was anything easy?

This was a tricky shoot. If we weren't submerged in a frigid creek, I was running full clip through the woods, rolling my ankle on every ditch and rock I could hit. I wouldn't say any of it was particularly easy, but I think that's what made this shoot so great. We had to push ourselves by default.

These roles are very physical with everyone performing their own stunts. Did you do anything specific or differently to prepare for your role?

This isn't my first time with Mike (Mowen) as a cinematic battle buddy. He and I have gotten pretty good at pretending to kill each other. Having said that, extra precautions were needed to be taken as we were fighting in a creek. I wore elbow and knee pads under my attire to soften the rocky blows. And this was the first time we had a fight/stunt coordinator on hand.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on? What’s next for you?

Given the Pandemic, everything is on standby. No acting projects on the immediate horizon, and my other passion - standup comedy- is on involuntary hiatus as well. But once this all blows over I can't wait to see what's in store.

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