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Meet Jack Voss of KOBK

Name is Jack Voss. I have been acting for about 5 years. I started in college when I was trying to figure out what major I should go for and found my passion for acting. I finally made the move to Los Angeles 5 months ago to further my career. I am really into sports (mostly soccer and bodybuilding), action, fantasy, sci-fi and drama movies.

Acting History leading up to KOBK (any accolades, big projects, etc…) :

I have been in more than a dozen independent projects. Most of them were in good old Philly and NYC.

What attracted you to the project? 

The premise of the film being about survival and the cool location. Also, all of the fighting scenes sounded challenging and interesting to me.

What was your favorite moment on set?

My character was involved in a one-take fight scene that involved a good bit of choreography. It was a challenge to get it right but it was really fun.

KOBK was our most challenging shoot to date. What scene was the most challenging for you to shoot? 

Definitely the one-take fight scene.

Was anything easy? :P

Nothing easy really, but all of it was really fun. It was a very physical shoot, which is why it was so fun.

These roles are very physical with everyone performing their own stunts. Did you do anything specific or differently to prepare for your role?

I didn't do anything specific to prepare. I did sports pretty much my whole life, whether it was playing soccer or bodybuilding, so being in good shape helped a lot with the physical parts. 

Are there any projects that you are currently working on? What’s next for you?

Not working on anything right now thanks to a certain global pandemic and all the productions being shut down. Last project I did was a feature film called 'League 215' where I played the antagonist. The next thing is to find an agent, keep training and keep working when things are back to normal.

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