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Meet Buddy Caine of KOBK

Hey! I’m Buddy Caine. I’m a Film and TV actor, working out of New York and Philadelphia. I started my career by doing a TON of 48 hour film projects. I think it was something like 14, 48 hour style films in one year. That’s actually how I was able to get connected with Wes and the Thinking Art team! Since then I’ve continued to work and audition for some awesome Film and TV projects, as well as work with several national commercial brands. You can follow me on Instagram @Beholdcinema to talk or just see what I’m up to.

What was your Acting History leading up to KOBK? (any accolades, big projects, etc…) :

I don’t think I had any awards or bigger projects under my belt yet when we filmed. I was about 1 year into taking my career seriously at the time. We all have that moment when a passion turns into the real deal. I had done a number of local PHL/NJ based projects that were all great and had shot one film of my own. I had also begun studying Meisner at the time.

What initially attracted you to the project?

Honestly, Wes could pitch any project to me from himself or his team and I’d say yes. We’ve worked together, 4 times now (I think). The projects always get more ambitious and better and I love seeing everyone grow in their craft. In my experience, a lot of the time, the people make the project.

What was your favorite moment on set?

We had Chick-fil-A nuggets as crafty for the first day of filming! That was pretty great. I also locked my car keys in my trunk after our full day of shooting and we all waited for AAA to come help, which was the last thing any of us felt like doing. Thanks for waiting with me! AS FAR AS WORK, I shot for 2 days, with the re-shoots, and just the spirit and camaraderie the whole time. The conditions we shot in weren’t the most glamorous but we were all in it with the same positive mindset.

KOBK was our most challenging shoot to date. What scene was the most challenging for you to shoot?

For sure. Without any spoilers, my part was a little physically uncomfortable and emotionally exhausting. Again though, we knew what we were getting into with it and if there was ever any real issues or discomfort, it was encouraged to speak up and take a break.

Was anything easy? :P 

Mike was a great scene partner, so that made my job easy!

These roles were very physical with everyone performing their own stunts. Did you do anything specific or differently from your regular routine to prepare for the role?

For the re-shoots, I stretched a lot more haha. I do a lot of weight lifting and I learned my shoulder mobility isn’t amazing and they kept locking and tightening up with my hands tied behind the tree but I also don’t think I said anything about it while filming.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on? What’s next for you?

I’m currently attached to a few short film projects but they’re postponed due to everything with Covid-19, which is fine, I’d rather us all be safe. Looking forward to things going back to normal and auditioning more! The classes I take have moved to virtual platforms and it's been really great to still be able to train and grow.

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