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Announcements - 8/28/2017



Hey everyone! Just a couple of quick announcements. Our 48-Hour film, Hot Pursuit, WON BEST SOUND DESIGN!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! Congrats to all of the cast & crew that helped make this such a fun and rewarding process.

We have also launched a new YouTube show entitled “Behind the Short”, where we dive into the behind the scenes action of our do-it-yourself filmmaking approach. You can check out the first series on the 48-hour film project here:

Marbletown will be screening at the Newark International Film Festival on Friday, September 8th @ 2:30, AND the Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival on Sunday, September 17th @ 7:30!

Lastly, in conjunction with our Behind the Short series, we will be doing two Horror short films for Halloween this year! We are super excited to continue to bring you guys high quality content.

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